• How many numbers can the call blocker block?

  • Will the call blocker work if I have internet?

  • What guarantee/warranty does the call blocker come with?

    12 MONTHS
  • Will the call blocker block international calls?

    Call Blocker doesn’t have an on/off function to block international calls. It does have an on/off function to block anonymous calls/withheld numbers and it also has a function where you can block all calls starting with ’00'
  • Can I block some withheld numbers and let some withheld numbers get through?

    No. You have to block all withheld numbers or let all withheld numbers through.
  • If a blocked number tries calling me, what do they hear?

    The caller hears nothing at all. The call is connected for a few seconds and then the call is cut off. Your phone will not ring but you will be able to see that a blocked number has tried calling you on the call blocker’s screen.
  • I have more than one phone, how many call blockers do I need?

    You will only need one call blocker for all of your phones provided you only have one phone line.
  • Can I use my phone to block a number during a call?

    Yes. Just press the star button on your telephone and then hang up immediately.
  • Will the call blocker work if I have a phone extension or several extensions?


    The Call Blocker is powered by the phone line. There is a maximum amount of power available from your phone line and if the level is exceeded then it could stop your phone from ringing that is connected to the call blocker. 
  • My phone has an answer machine, will the call blocker still work?