About Call Blocker

What is Call Blocker?


Congratulations on your new purchase! Before using the Call Blocker please read the following important information-

  • Call Blocker protects a single corded phone, or a cordless phone with additional handsets .
  • Caller Identity service (Caller ID) is required from your telephone provider for the Call Blocker to work effectively.
  • Caller ID is a telephone service that provides the telephone number of a caller, which appear on a display as the call is being received. To register for Caller ID contact your telephone provider.
  • The Call Blocker will work with a wide range of telephone equipment including corded and cordless phones. It protects all the phones that are plugged into it. If you need a number of extensions in your home, we recommend that you use a moder n multi-cordless handset known as a DEC T phone (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone). Call Blocker can then pr otect all of your phones.
  • We recommend that you connect the Call Blocker to a telephone at the main telephone socket (The first point where the connection comes into your property). Intermittence and extension ringing issues may arise if the Call Blocker is connected to telephones that are plugged into extension sockets.
  • Some phones automatically check the net work voice mail service at regular intervals and display a ‘Message waiting’ light. We recommend that you do not use these types of phones with the Call Blocker. In the UK these are called 1571 button phones.